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Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Chapter (PCCC)

About the Chapter:

PCCC chapter represent the pediatric cardiac ICU group in the SCCS, to organize the activities, share the knowledge, and promote the research, it was established on march 2020 as an independent chapter after being for many years as a subgroup of the pediatric ICU chapter.


To be the leader and reference in the pediatric cardiac care in the region.


To advocate for the care of critically ill patient with congenital heart disease, be committed to giving each child the best chance for survival and quality of life by providing the safest, most effective care possible.


  • Establish a network between the member practicing in the field
  • Advance professional knowledge, enhance skills and share best practices, by meeting highest standards with specialized comprehensive health care, and establishment of continues educational activities and periodic meetings
  • Promote research and continue professional training for our staff for update education and find cures for our patients.

Chapter Committee Members:

  • Dr. Abdullah Alwadai, PSCC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Dr. Mohammad Qabani, KACC, Riyadh
  • Dr. Yaser Alheriash, KFSHRC, Riyadh
  • Dr. Abdulla Eltayeb, PSCC, Riyadh
  • Dr. Ali Alharbi, KFMC, Riyadh
  • Dr. Abdullah Alzahrani, NGH, Jeddah
  • Dr. Sameh Ismaiel, KACC, Riyadh
  • Dr. Aldai Alnair, Jizan
  • Dr. Zahir Faisal, KAUH, Jeddah
  • Dr. Lowae Abdulsamad, KFSHRC, Jeddah
  • Dr. Bana Agha, PSCCQ
  • Dr. Alhasan Shaban, SBCC Dammam

Chapter Activities:

  • Monthly education activity (lecture, journal club)
  • Workshops (twice a year)
  • Full day session in the annual SCCS meeting

Committee expectation and responsibilities:

  • Chapter members are expected attend, participate, and present in the chapter meetings and activities.
  • Establish and implement the plan need to achieve the chapter mission and objects.

Membership of the Committee:

  • General Membership is open for any intensivist who is interested in the PCCC.
  • Scientific membership is open for registered members who are practicing in the field of PCCC and interested to participate in the chapter activities.

Meetings Frequency and Quorum:

  • There is a monthly meeting that can be virtual if needed to discuss the general plans, then it could be changed to quarterly when things are stable.
  • More frequent meeting will be held for the SCCS meeting preparation or other activities as needed.

Head of the Pediatric cardiac critical care chapter (PCCC):

Dr. Abdullah Alwadai, MD
  • Consultant pediatric intensivist and cardiologist PSCC, Riyadh.

Contact Information:

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Riyadh

Pediatric cardiac ICU department



Mobile: +966560471112