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Extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) Chapter

About the Chapter:

Extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is becoming a crucial part and a cornerstone in supporting critically ill patients suffering from refractory reversible hypoxic respiratory failure or refractory cardiogenic failure. The current evidence has proven that the survival rate has dramatically improved in patients supported with ECMO comparing to the ones receiving only the standard of care. Several institutes in Saudi Arabia is offering this service without knowing clearly their outcomes and what do they offer. Having an official body to help in liaising between different institutes, cooperating with them, and support in developing a standard of care for all these centers regarding ECMO management will serve the community much better.

The Saudi Extracorporeal Life Support (SECLS) chapter was established in April 2018. A group of ECMO experts nationally joined this group from different backgrounds (intensivists, cardiac surgeons, ICU nurses, and perfusionists). Our target audience are people who are interested in clinical, educational, and research work pertaining ECMO.


Assure provision of best care to our community through institutions that provides extracorporeal life support (ECLS) services.


Support Institutions delivering ECMO services in providing the standard of care through education, training, guidelines developments, and research.


  • Provide a national well-structured and recognized ECMO courses for health care providers.
  • Support institutions in developing and maintaining ECMO programs.
  • Support official governmental agencies (e.g. CBAHI, MOH) in accrediting Institutions with ECMO centers or programs.
  • Collaborate with well-known ECMO organizations (e.g. ELSO) to share experiences and expertise.
  • Deliver an annual national ECMO scientific meeting.
  • Support ministry of health in developing competency and privileging guidelines to health care providers and institutions applying and managing ECMO.

Chapter Activities:

  • Several Adult ECMO courses during the year.
  • 2 Pediatric ECMO courses during the year.
  • Active member in the national MOH ECMO program.

Chapter Committee Members:

  • Dr. Mohamed Azzam, Consultant ICU, Trauma and EM (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Yaser Mandoura, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Amin Yousef, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Khaled Maghrabi, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Adel Tash, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
  • Dr. Adnan AlGhamdi, Consultant Trauma Surgery & ICU
  • Dr. Abdullah Abudaya, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Ayed Asiri, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Ahmad Rajab, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Mohamed Shalabi, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Ali Al Bashabshe, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Ali Al Talag, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Alyaa El Hazmi, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Husam Bahaudden, Consultant ICU
  • Dr. Wai Tashkandi, Consultant General Surgeon & ICU
  • Dr. Hani Mufti, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
  • Mr. Ismail Al Enezi, Perfusionist
  • Mrs. Eman Andrgiri, Perfusionists
  • Mr. Hani Dalati, ECMO/ICU Nurse

Head of the ECMO Chapter:

Dr. Mohamed Azzam, MD

His passion is to create a national ECMO program with national data base, and conduct ECMO training and education to healthcare workers.

Currently, He is Director of Medical Services in King Abdullah Medical Complex, Jeddah. He is also the ICU supervisor of the Jeddah region MOH hospitals. He is the chairman of the MOH ECMO committee.

His passion is to create a national ECMO program with national data base, and conduct ECMO training and education to healthcare workers.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Eman Andrgiri: eman.an@icloud.com

Mr. Ismail Al Enezi: abozaif@yahoo.com

Mr. Abdulrahman Alhakami: a.hakami375@gmail.com